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Different cultures on the same wavelength - EVS XV
Location: Nyíregyháza, Hungary
Duration: 1st February, 2017- 31st January, 2018
Participants: 11 volunteers from 5 countries (Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Czech Republic)
Description of the role and tasks of the volunteer(s)

The aim of the project „Different cultures on the same wavelength” is that the volunteers take an active part in the editing and broadcasting of the Mustár FM (89.6) local civilian radio, working in team with the Hungarian youngsters (brainstorming, collecting information, editing, technical tasks, etc…) and they have the opportunity to make their own regular radio programme which presents the culture and language of the country they come from in their own language. This program’s name is Language Lesson. Besides they have to record and edit 6 common programmes called ETW (Experience the World-interviews with interesting people and stories), Point of View (about the EU actions), Free Topic (as the name suggests they have free topic choice in this programme), World Politics (about the worldwide political actions) Gossip show (where they speak about the glamour life) and Cultural Programme (discussing cultural topics, aspects). During their stay they will be guided by specialists, and of course we will help them in everything to get to know how to record and edit radio shows. Besides making radio programmes, they will also have a task, namingly to provide language club lessons to the residents of the town in their own languages. These are mainly informal conversations to help the people of the town to practice the language. The volunteers also get involved in the life of Mustárház, participate in different programmes and also get to know the Hungarian language and culture.
Besides the radio-related tasks, volunteers can take part in the following project activities:
Our organization coordinates a youth professional network, called Juventus Soliditas, from 2012, in which 30 organizations of the 7 countries of the Carpathian Basin are involved, and we are jointly trying to generate cooperation and to influence the region's youth life. As to join 30 youth organizations together, to coordinate them and to make communication between them in 7 countries is not an easy task, we thought about involving foreign volunteers in this task, in the framework of European Voluntary Service.

The network coordination involves
 ongoing communication between members (email, phone, Facebook page / group, Skype, email, etc.);
 editing and constantly updating the joint Facebook page and website (so web design knowledge is needed!);
 sharing news; organizing the annual meetings of the network, working on joint applications;
 the exchange of ideas; sharing opportunities, etc.

On the joint website, the annual program of the member organizations will be uploaded so everyone can keep track of the different activities and cooperation can be generated. Regarding our running international projects, we would count on the help of our volunteers in the organization and implementation of info days, workshops, events and conferences as well as in the organization and implementation of the annual meetings of Juventus Soliditas network.

Besides, we are planning to give the following tasks to the volunteers:
 managing internal communication,
 website maintenance,
 strengthening Facebook communication and cooperation within the network,
 arranging help, organize workshops within the network, etc.

The generation of ongoing cooperation is also among their tasks, as well as the organization of the trips abroad, meetings related to the Juventus Soliditas network, communication and participation in these workshops, meetings and events, and the implementation of organizational tasks. The justification of the project implementation is that we would like to
emphasize the importance of cross-border projects, cooperation and joint actions, and by the fact that 4 foreign young people as members of the "working group" constantly help in finding the opportunities, in joint applications and in generating cooperation, these cross-border projects receive more emphasis, and the members can be involved in more applications. For young people it is advantageous to carry out this kind of tasks because their social capital develops by it, they establish new relationships, they take part in generating partnerships and applications; they can check what phases application writing has, and in the future, in case of a winning project, how organization and implementation take place.
Our EVS volunteers in the Different cultures on the same wavelength XII program
Our volunteers in the „Different cultures on the same wavelength XIII” project

Our volunteers in the „Different cultures on the same wavelength XIV”
and „Youth across borders I” projects



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